The Post-Harvest Engineering & Technology scheme was sanctioned to the Department of Fish Processing Technology, College of Fisheries by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), Department of Agricultural Research & Education, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India on October, 2009 under its XI plan of All India Coordinated Research Project programme.

Mandate Crop/commodity: Marine and fresh water fish for west coast of India

The center will cater to the needs of developing, disseminating and promoting the fish processing technologies for the west coast of India with following specific thrust areas

  • Improving the quality of fish products by using traditional methods of fish processing, preservation of cured fish products.
  • To identify the cost-efficient methods of product development and preservation by integrating the community knowledge with scientific expertise.
  • To develop processes, products and control of infestation and spoilage during storage by using natural and chemical preservatives, furthermore traps are used to control insects or pests etc.,
  • Development and popularization of suitable technologies for the utilization of low cost fishery resources.
  • To gain acceptance of domestic markets by converting them in to various attractive value added products.
  • In the domestic urban market, ready-to-eat attractively packed convenience foods are of great demand. Hence the main focus in this plan is to develop value added products such as minced based products, frozen fishery products and extruded products.
  • To effectively utilize seafood industry waste by producing bioactive compounds, nutraceuticals and livestock/ aqua feed.
  • To develop natural antioxidants and antimicrobial agents to preserve fishery products from the waste generated by Agro processing industries.